Beautifully soft and playful - loved by 2-6 year olds
with 8 designs - $19.99
Crocodile Dinosaur Kids Tail children

T10  Dinosaur/Crocodile Tail

Girraffe tail kids children

T11  Giraffe Tail
lemur tail kids children

T12  Lemur Tail
red panda racoon kids children tail

T13  Red Panda Tail

Tiger tail kids children

T16  Tiger Tail

Lion animal tail kids children

T17  Lion Tail

Elephant kids children tail

T18  Elephant Tail

Leopard Cheetah Animal kids tail

T19  Leopard Tail
Coming soon - Pig, Dog, Kangaroo, Cow, Mouse and Monkey!

Large animal tails are available in White Tiger (K43), Kangaroo (K44) and Leopard (K46)

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